What Our Chili Oil Is About

Haute Chili oil is the condiment that enhances your meals by complementing it, instead of having it alter the taste of your food. We add the spice and of course the irresistible crispy garlic that adds flavour and texture to your meal.  Because of this, our chili oil can be used with all types of cuisines from around the world and that is what we absolutely love about it!


Our Story

When Annie Nguyen was growing up, a few times a month, her mom would serve Asian chicken noodle soup with homemade chili oil made from a family recipe. The only time the condiment graced the table was with this particular soup. As a child, Annie didn’t recognize the homemade goodness and versatility of the chili oil.

Fast forward to adulthood, and Annie served her now husband, Peter, her family’s chili oil with, you guessed it, the chicken noodle soup. Peter was instantly smitten - with both the oil and Annie. He started putting the chili oil on everything he possibly could. He used it on pizza, pasta, rice dishes, poutine...literally everything.

Once Peter discovered the power of this spicy, garlic-filled condiment, he urged Annie to let others try it. She made small batches for friends, and they all ended up loving it and sharing it with their own friends and family.

Now, six years, one husband, and two kids later, with her friends still putting it on everything, Annie is ready to share her chili oil with the world. For as long as she can remember, she’s always been a huge fan of hosting and cooking for loved ones. There’s just something about people enjoying her food that makes her feel happy. By giving her chili oil a wider audience, Annie can share a small piece of her home-cooked meals and the love (and heat!) that goes into them.

Where Did the Name Haute Come From?

Haute, of course, means fancy, high-class, fashionable, and elegant. These are all adjectives we think describe our chili oil. After months and months of trial and error and an endless number of batches, Annie was able to recreate her family’s recipe on a larger scale. The end product not only tastes amazing but looks just as good. Our carefully crafted chili oil is like opening a jar of gold! Mix it up and scoop out those delicious, crispy garlic flakes that Annie spent so long perfecting.

Haute is also a play on the word “hot.” While Annie has made a milder version for those who love garlic but can’t take heat, this is still appropriate given how spicy our OG Hot Chili Oil is compared to what’s on the market.